Jay Slupesky began his photography journey during his early twenties after he was given an Olympus OM-1 camera. While earning a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, he took a photography course as an elective and learned to develop and print black-and-white film. After graduation, he began his engineering career and enjoyed street photography in his spare time. 


In the early 2000s, he earned another master’s degree, this one in Counseling Psychology, at Saint Mary’s College of California. He then began a second career as a licensed marriage and family therapist, specializing in marriage therapy. During this time he also traveled extensively and his camera work gravitated towards travel and documentary photography. He made the transition to digital cameras during those years and favored the Canon 5D series.


In the 2010s he returned to engineering work and developed mobile applications at Google in Mountain View and San Francisco, California. The apps he co-developed are used by millions of people on a daily basis.


He retired from Google in 2017 and decided to devote himself to photography full-time. Since then he has concentrated mostly on landscape photography throughout the Western United States, with some side projects in New Topographics and Impressionism. He made the jump to mirrorless and now favors the Sony a7R IV.


His work has been exhibited in galleries in San Francisco and in Portland, Oregon, where he also resides.

You may contact Jay at jay@fallcreek.com.

On Instagram please follow: @jayslu

Here are a few places where Jay's work has appeared:



  • Bay Area in Motion” exhibit at Spark Arts Gallery in San Francisco, California, USA. October 3 - October 31, 2019.  Three photographs curated for this group show.

  • “Black and White: 2020” exhibit at Black Box Gallery in Portland, Oregon, USA. February 1 - February 20, 2020.  My photograph “The Maze” was one of 24 chosen to be exhibited.


  • Duncan Miller Gallery’s YourDailyPhotograph.com featured “Planet X” for sale on 1/6/20.

  • Duncan Miller Gallery’s YourDailyPhotograph.com featured “Cold Aspens, Santa Fe” for sale on 2/20/20.

  • Duncan Miller Gallery's YourDailyPhotograph.com featured "We're Fun" for sale on 7/31/20.


  • GuestLife Monterey Bay

  • Alaska Magazine

  • Coldwell Banker TV


  • ​Clackamas (Oregon) County Fair Photography Contest, 2019

  • iHEART St. Croix

  • Equity Apartments


  • f8 Real Estate Media

  • Marin County (California) Parks and Recreation

  • Bout Betties

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